Understanding Child Custody In Texas

Every minute you spend with your children is precious. Scheduling or limiting the time you are legally allowed to see them is a difficult subject to tackle. It is no surprise that child custody disputes can be extremely emotional and challenging.

At Hoppes & Cutrer, we help you advocate for what is best for your children in Tarrant County. In our 40-plus years of combined experience, we've found that setting aside differences and resolving disputes through negotiation or mediation most often achieves this goal. In situations in which litigation is the better option or necessary, we are very effective in court.

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Courts Will Order Shared Custody In Most Cases

Every family situation is unique, which means that you should only rely on the advice of a lawyer for your specific matter. Of course, understanding how family laws work can help ease your fears or set your expectations. Here are a few things you should know:

  • Most people use the terms "custody and visitation" to describe parental rights and responsibilities. Texas courts use the word conservatorship and think in terms of managing them together (joint) or giving one parent control (sole).
  • It is the public policy of Texas that both parents have an active and continuing role in their children's lives. As such, the court will order joint management conservatorship in most cases. The court has the authority to order sole custody, but does so only under very limited and specific circumstances.
  • When parents have joint managing conservatorship, one parent will have the right to determine the primary residence of the child while the other will have generous and frequent visitation with the child. This does not mean that the residential parent has the final say in all major decisions.

Finding A Parenting Plan That Works

Texas law provides for a standard visitation schedule (parenting plan). However, parents are free to alter and agree to other visitation provisions so long as the best interest of the children is protected.

One of the significant benefits of cooperative solutions is that you can think "outside the box" to develop a plan that meets the unique needs of your family. One of the significant benefits of having an experienced lawyer on your side is that you can create a plan that you can actually implement in real life — one that is neither too specific to be constricting nor too broad to be confusing, because it is often difficult to obtain a future modification.

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