Custody Modifications: Even The Best Laid Plans Can Change

Children grow up and their needs change. Life happens and people change jobs, move, and face unexpected challenges or opportunities. The truth is that sometimes after a divorce is finalized or a parenting plan is approved, problems arise with custody, visitation, support or other orders related to children.

Whether your child's needs have changed or one parent has become a bad actor, Hoppes & Cutrer can help guide you through the process of modifying your parenting plan. Call our office in Hurst at 817-864-8594 or email our lawyers for help.

Why You Should Consider Resolving Disputes Out Of Court

We, attorneys Lisa Hoppes and Anita Cutrer, have both practiced law in Tarrant County for over 20 years. We know that revisiting legal matters that were tough to handle initially can be extremely stressful and emotional. And under Texas law, judges will grant a modification only in limited circumstances.

In our years of experience in family law, we have seen the devastating and lasting effects that intense custody battles can have on children, parents and their extended family members. We have also found that most clients are actually happier with a result they work out over a decision that the court imposed upon them.

For these reasons, we encourage you to resolve disputes out of court. We can help you identify the problems and work with you to fashion a modified arrangement that resolves the issues and keeps the best interests of the children in mind. These alternative dispute resolution options help minimize the trauma to the children and empower you to control the outcome of your case.

Sometimes, the only alternative is a battle in court. When this is the case, we have the trial skills necessary to zealously advocate your case in court.

Do You Have Questions Or Need To Modify An Existing Order?

If your or the other parent's circumstances have changed requiring a support or custody modification or the other parent has suggested changing a parenting plan, you should discuss your rights with an attorney. Never attempt or agree to change a custody arrangement without legal advice.

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