Your Divorce Lawyer Should Be Experienced In Family Law

Gone are the days when lawyers handled all types of legal issues and disputes. In today's complex world, most lawyers focus on a limited number of practice areas. If you are contemplating hiring a lawyer for your divorce or any other family law case, it is imperative that you hire a divorce lawyer who has a lot of experience in family law.

Here Are Three Reasons Why:

  1. The law: The Texas Family Code and the case law that applies to domestic matters are dynamic. The Texas Legislature often makes significant changes to the Texas Family Code each legislative session. Consequently, the case law changes too. A divorce lawyer who focuses much of his/her practice in the area of family law will be more likely to keep up with the changes in the law. Anita Cutrer and Lisa Hoppes are both certified as experts in the area of family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

  2. Your children: In family court, the best interest of the child is always the primary consideration in determining questions of conservatorship, possession and support of and access to the child. What is in the "best interest" of the child might seem like a simple concept. However, what evidence is important and how that evidence is presented is crucial in a trial. An experienced family law lawyer will know what information is important to the judges and will also know how best to present that information. Also, a prolonged "custody battle" can be costly both emotionally and financially for the parent and could harm the child emotionally. A seasoned family law lawyer, will be able to help a parent make an informed decision regarding whether or not to go to trial on the issue of conservatorship.

  3. The facts: Family law cases are usually very fact-specific. An experienced family lawyer can often help the client by predicting the outcome of a case based on a specific set of facts. An understanding of the range of outcomes can be very helpful to a client when trying to decide in what direction to take the case. Unfortunately, many people going through a divorce receive inaccurate information from Hollywood, the Internet, or friends and family members. They often do not understand that an outcome in a friend's divorce may not be the likely result for them. Even a small variation in the facts of the two cases can result in very different outcomes.

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