Draft Your Own Divorce Settlement? Make Sure It Protects You And Accomplishes Your Goals

At Hoppes & Cutrer, we understand that sometimes full and continuous legal representation is not always right for everybody who is going through the divorce process. Sometimes when all issues in a family law case are agreed to by you and your spouse, all you need is some guidance from and attorney to make sure your agreement is in your best interest.

It is important for you to understand that in Texas one attorney cannot represent and give legal advice to both parties going through a divorce. If your spouse's attorney has drafted an Agreed Decree of Divorce, that attorney is only looking out for your spouse's interests. You need someone to look out for your interests.

We will help you review any documents that your spouse's attorney has prepared and use our years of experience and expertise as certified family law specialists in Texas to make sure you have a good understanding of both the agreement, the legal document and your rights.

Call Us To Ensure That You've Protected Your Interests

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