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May 2016 Archives

Child Custody

Look at this time as an adventure and opportunity of trying to improve your parenting skills in order to improve the quality of the relationship you have with your children. Your children simply can't lose in an effort such as this. 

How Dealing With Your Attorney's Paralegal Can Benefit Your Case

Paralegals offer many direct benefits to clients:
1. First and foremost, paralegals work under the direct supervision of the client's respective attorney.
2. When a client engages a firm, the client is generally assigned a specific paralegal who will work the case from start to finish. This allows the paralegal to become familiar with the case.
3. A paralegal allows the client more immediate contact to address specific concerns, frustrations and can provide the client with how the case will progress step by step. This in turn improves the lines of communication between the attorney and client.4. Due to the paralegal's continued connection with the client and direct access to the supervising attorney, case issues are resolved more efficiently which in turn moves the case along at a quicker pace. 

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