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Cohabitation Agreements

More and more couples are deciding to live together rather than getting married and some are living together before they decide to get married. Having a cohabitation agreement can protect both parties in the event a relationship goes south. A cohabitation agreement is a contract between the parties, much like a prenuptial agreement. However, this agreement would not be controlled by the Texas Family Code.

A cohabitation agreement can accomplish many different things including:

1. Disprove that the parties are common law married. The agreement can state that both parties agree that there is no common law marriage and if they get married some time in the future, it will be by a ceremonial marriage.
2. The couple's financial relationships, like who pays for what expense. Will there be a joint bank account and will there be an agreement as to what percentage of the account each party owns.
3. Who owns the property where the couple lives? If a property is owned together, what percentage of the property does each party own.
4. If one party moves out what protocols should be followed.

Each party has to sign the agreement voluntarily and each party should be represented by an experienced family law attorney.

For people who want a relationship where they live together, but they do not want to get married and they want to plan ahead to mitigate the financial and emotional turmoil of a breakup, a cohabitation agreement could make good logical sense. 

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