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The more assets you have, the more complicated divorce becomes

A lot of people think that divorce can be simple, even handled without attorneys. They may believe this even while they are unable to discuss critical aspects of the divorce calmly with their former spouse. The truth is that divorce is a very complicated process.

The divorce decree is Texas is binding, and mistakes in early paperwork can come back to haunt you later. While it is possible to obtain post-divorce decree modifications, that requires a lot of effort and paperwork. It makes more sense to handle everything properly the first time around. Generally, that means working with a divorce lawyer.

Even if you and your former spouse can agree about certain terms, like child custody, asset division can often prove to be a divorce stumbling block. The more assets you have acquired during marriage, the more likely it is that you don't agree about what a fair division looks like. Generally speaking, any assets accrued during the marriage will be considered community property. It doesn't matter if only one spouse was working or if the retirement account is only in one spouse's name. The courts will look at when assets were earned, not whose name is on them when it comes to asset division.

Asset division can bring out the worst in people

If your former spouse was the one who filed for divorce, he or she could have been planning it for weeks or months. That could mean that assets have gotten hidden in the hopes of hiding them from the courts during divorce. Hiding assets can look like a lot of different things. Sometimes, it involves opening a foreign bank account. Other times, it could look like cash withdrawals in small increments over many months. Instead of spending that money, your former spouse may have been stockpiling it for use after the divorce. Your former spouse may have bought expensive items you don't know about.

In order to ensure a fair division process, you and your former spouse need to disclose all your assets and debts to the courts. When one person tries to hide some assets, that can result in an unfair or biased division process. There are options available, such as working with a forensic accountant, to determine if your former spouse was hiding assets. Your attorney can also help you connect with professionals who can put an accurate value on unusual assets, like prestige vehicle clothing or vehicles and even fine art. That can help ensure your inventory of assets is as accurate as possible.

Working with an experienced Texas divorce attorney can help ensure your divorce is fair. Your lawyer will have likely seen most of the common tricks used in divorce, such as hiding assets from the courts. Your lawyer can help protect you from dishonest behavior from your spouse and advocate for the best possible outcome to your divorce.

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