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One of the mightiest swords in the defense or preparation of a Tarrant County family-law matter pertaining to money and assets is the almighty subpoena. What is a subpoena?  I

A subpoena is a legal document that requires the recipient to do something. It's mandatory to respond to a subpoena. The recipient can't refuse to comply, unless he or she has a legally sound reason.  The subpoenas are issued by an attorney of record for a party. There are different types of subpoenas, depending on a person's needs:  

  1. Subpoena for Personal Appearance at Trial or Hearing  This type of subpoena is very useful if a party wishes to compel a person (witness) to appear at an evidentiary hearing or trial.   
  2. Subpoena Duces Tecum for Personal Appearance and Production of Documents. The difference between this type of subpoena and the first one is that this subpoena includes a request that the witness bring certain things with him/her at the trial or hearing. In most cases, the witness is asked to bring documents, such as financial records.  

The benefits of using subpoenas are endless. In a contested case, the use of subpoenas and suboenas duces tacum can  make or break a case.

The attorneys at Hoppes & Cutrer, LLC are skilled in representing parties in contested cases and are well versed in the use of subpoenas.  Please call for an appointment.  817-283-3999.

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