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The Decision Has Been Made......we Are Getting A Divorce. What Do I To Now?

You and your spouse have decided to divorce in Texas. You both knew that it's been a long time coming . You are not even sure it is the right decision. But the decision has been made and you want to make sure that you are protected and that you get the best outcome possible for you and your children. So what now?
1. You could call your cousin Frank who is a divorce attorney in El Paso to see if he has any advice for you.
2. You could spend hours and hours on the internet searching for answers about Texas divorce law. You may even look into the "do it yourself" alternatives.
3. You talk with your friends who never went to law school but are telling you their opinion about what will happen in your divorce and what you should do. their opinions might be based on their own experience or on what they have heard from their friends.
4. You and your spouse argue endlessly about who is right regarding the reasons for the divorce as well as the likely outcomes.
5. How do you calculate support obligations? What will your cash flow look like after the divorce? Can you keep the house? Can you divide a retirement account in a divorce?
6. What should be done regarding the children? How should possession and access to them be decided?
7. How long must you carry your spouse on health insurance? When should you begin dividing bank accounts? When should you separate your residences? How do you make sure that you do not overlook something?
9. And perhaps most important: how do you maintain control of your life during this crazy time?

You need the help of experienced and compassionate divorce lawyers that will help guide you through the divorce process.

At Hoppes & Cutrer, we can help you navigate the difficulties of the divorce process. 

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