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Paying your child support on time is critical in Texas divorces

Divorces rarely bring out the best in people. You and your former spouse may be fighting intensely over how to separate your lives. One of the most hotly contested areas is probably custody, visitation, and support for any marital children. Regardless of how much you love your children, it can be frustrating to pay so much of your income to provide for them when you get to spend such little time with them. In order to protect your chances at a favorable custody decision, as well as your financial future and freedom, you must comply with court ordered child support, regardless of your concerns.

Child support can be modified during or after a divorce

While Texas as a state does not allow for changes to the financial division after the divorce is finalized, child support, custody, and visitation may still change after a divorce. During the divorce itself, custody and support are based on a temporary court order. The determination is typically made based solely on the requests of, and documentation from, the spouse filing for divorce. If you were not the filing party, this can mean that you went from being married to being expected to pay support in a single day. The amount can be corrected, but failing to pay it in the meantime hurts your case.

Failing to pay child support can cost you

If you refuse to pay child support because you think the amount is too high or because your ex is denying you visitation, you could end up in legal trouble. There are many ways that failing to pay your support could impact you. The state could garnish your wages, taking money from your paychecks. Your tax return could be seized. You could even wind up spending a night in prison if you fail to pay for too long. The state could issue a bench warrant to enforce your support order.

An attorney can help you adjust your child support amount

If you have reason to believe that the amount of support is too high, an attorney can help you request a hearing with the courts to have it adjusted. In the meantime, it is important that you continue to pay your support in full. Any overpayments can be applied to future obligations, if the court finds the amount was inappropriate. Continuing to pay shows the courts that you value your children's well being and are willing to make them your top priority in the divorce.

There is often a waiting period before the court will hear your side of the story in a family court hearing. These hearings are complex, and they require evidence and an excellent advocate. An experienced family law and divorce attorney can navigate this legal process more proficiently than an individual going through a divorce. If you believe your support level is unfair, consult with an experienced divorce attorney as soon as possible.

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