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Settling your case by mediation or collaborative law is not bad and does not mean that you are weak or that your attorney isn't aggressive enough.  Settling your case rather than going to trial can often mean that you can gain more of what is important to you.  You can decide what property you really want and what property is not as important to you.  When you compromise, you are in charge of how the outcome of your case will be.  Settlement, mediation and collaborative law are not bad words.

In mediation or in collaborative law, you might give up something that you would rather have kept, but in giving up that bank account or piece of property might have gained something that is much more valuable to you.  Agreements between parties allow them to be much more creative with solutions that will be the foundation for how their life will look after the divorce is final.

When you allow a judge to decide all the issues in a case you are giving up all your power to plan the rest of your life to the judge.  The judge will only have a limited time to get to know you and your life.  Some of the things that you want might even be imposibe to achieve by going to trial.

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