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What You Need To Know About Your Rights If Your Ex-spouse Dies.

It is tragic when parent dies, even if that parent is your ex-spouse. Loosing a parent can be very difficult for the children and they will need a lot of support and understanding. But there are some legal issues that you need to be aware of if you live in Texas:
1. In Texas if one parent dies, the other parent will be entitled to custody of the child.
2. The deceased ex-spouse's parents have the right to file a lawsuit asking that they be allowed visitation with the child.
3. If the deceased parent died while the child is still entitled to child support, the surviving ex-spouse is entitled to a judgment for all the future child support payments that would be due. Once judgment for the unpaid child support has been entered, the surviving ex-spouse can make a claim against the deceased spouse's estate for the entire amount of the judgment.
Hoppes and Cutrer, LLC is ready to take immediate action to help families maintain the well-being of a child and the surviving parent in the face of such a tragic loss.

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